Crowdfunding for new software features

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World's first crowdfunding platform for new features

Even better apps, bigger games and smarter software... just a pledge away!



Project creators set a funding goal and deadline. If you like the new feature, you can pledge money to make it happen.



Get rewarded for sponsoring your beloved companies and content creators. From exclusive t-shirts to shout-outs, it's all possible.



Fund the creators of your favorite game to create new levels or finally get that check-in button you always wanted.



Partake in the conversation and discuss new features directly with the project creator.

How it works

Feature Funder is a crowdfunding platform for established product developers. People can back project creators for feature updates to existing products. Development is expensive and once a company is up and running that doesn't mean the costs stop. Through Feature Funder project creators can ask for additional support from people just like you.

Pledge to projects you like and get those new features you've always wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is it for?

Feature Funder is primarily focused on existing software projects, from game developers who need some extra cash to add new characters to app developers who want to build new possibilities.

How much does it cost?

We're still working on our pricing model, but we'll try to keep the fees as low as possible. Obiviously their will be a small online payment fee and project fee. We'll probably wave the project fee for open-source projects though.

Which funding model will be used?

Feature Funder will be "All or Nothing" (AoN). When the fund-raising period is over, money is only collected from the contributors if a pre-determined minimum amount of money has been pledged. If the goal is not met, no money is collected.

When will Feature Funder launch?

Hold your horses! We understand you're excited but please just leave your email address above and we'll notify you as soon as we launch.

The simple & yet powerful way
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